Our August Quick and Easy Menu

I’m constantly getting asked “how do you do it all?”
I used to meet that question with an encouraging word about priorities, but here lately, I just laugh.
I don’t have it all together, I don’t even have half of it together, and I don’t do it all,  a lot gets looked over and swept under the rug.
Dinner time is a place I struggle a lot because by the end of the day I am worn slap out.
Any expert will tell you that children benefit from having at least one family meal together each day.  But y’all adulting is hard!
I don’t think I’m the only one guilty of waiting until 5:00 to realize I don’t know what’s for dinner, debate for an hour on what to have, and then settle for throwing something from the freezer to the air fryer 🤦🏼‍♀️
With the school season upon us, a busy work schedule, multiple children, obligations and opportunities, it’s enough to send even the most seasoned moms spiraling.
I had to find a way to make better use of my time.
I decided to start by making a meal calendar so I know what I’m shopping for each week,  what I’m preparing each day and so we don’t get burnt out on the same 4 meals on repeat.
Now, I hate to disappoint but this isn’t a health plan by any means. However, you’re welcome to substitute any ingredient for a healthier option (that’s what I plan to do when I can).
I skipped Wednesday’s because we eat at church and Saturday and Sunday we are normally at some kind of party, get together or choose to eat out.
All these meals are pretty self explanatory but if you need any help, Pinterest is an excellent recipe source.

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